Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Wacky Green Gadgets

Blood Lamp
To get the taste of how much power do one need to turn a lamp on. The below lamp was made which require you a drop of blood to activate it. I bet such a small personal sacrifice will still make you think twice before truing on the lamp.
The lamp has a luminance, a chemical substance that forensic scientist use to check for the blood, which turns blue and glow when it react the the iron of the red blood cells.
Green Warrior Shower Curtain
Turn of the water or else....... The more time you keep the water on while bathing, one of the curtain will slowly inflate, and then soft spikes will come out of the curtain  if you keep on using the shower.
White Goat
The Device converts Paper into toilet paper. Insert 40 sheets of paper from one side, and within 30 minutes you will get a paper roll of toilet paper. The machine actually shred the paper and then convert the paper into tolier paper by wetting it first and then drying it.
The price of this device is wopping $1000000.
Moss Carpet
Bring a little green into your bathtroom. The carpet outside your bathroom is made up of moss.
Solar Bikini
yeah! you read it right. The swimwear has solar cells and a USB port and you can charge your iPod with this device, while taking sun bath, now listen to all your favourite songs, which having the strain of you ipod battery getting low.
FishBowl Sink
The more water you will use to wash your hand, the Gold fish with left with the less amount of water for her.
Pencil printer
The pacil is used to print your documents. and you can also reuse the paper with the attached rubber after rubbing the doument.
Biodegradable coffins
Now that is something every one should used for their loved ones, These final resting places are made from paper, bamboo and all such materials which gets consumed by the soil

Grow your Own Grass Furniture
London-based contemporary design firm Purves & Purves offered a flat-pack DIY cardboard armchair frame along with a package of grass seeds in the summer of 2006, promising outdoor furniture that blends in perfectly with your lawn. You assemble the 14 pieces, fill it with soil, sprinkle the grass seeds over it and watch your new Chia Chair grow right before your eyes. Interesting idea, but mowing it could be a challenge.

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