Thursday, February 23, 2012

LG's "Quad Core" phone

LG has promised to launch a new phone with Quad core processor and an amazingly 4.7 inch display with other high end features.

The phone will be launch at Mobile World Congress. The phone's major features includes but not limited to

  • 4.7 inch display
  • 1270x720 pixel resolution(720p)
  • 1.5GHz quad-core processor(Nvidia Tegra 3)
  • OS - Android IceCream Sandwich 4.0
  • 16GB internal Memory
  • 1GM RAM
  • 8 Mega Pixel main camera mounted on back
  • 1.3 Mega Pixel front camera
  • 2150mAh battery
  • Screen depth of 8.9mm

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

World's First Lab produced meat to be used in hamburgers

All the Cow, Goat and hens are having a party after this news. As their life might be spared forever. Not only their lives but it might crush the whole meat industry forever.
Lab Grown Hamburger
Scientists are aiming to produce skeletal muscle tissue in the laboratory that will be exactly similar to that of meet. in the coming month or so, a planned media event will be organized for the meat hamburger eating ceremony in which a celebrity will be tasting the first lab grown meat inside a hamburger. The ingredients for his first burger are "still in a laboratory phase," but by fall "they have committed to make a couple of thousand of small tissues, and then assemble them into a hamburger."

Growing meat on a bone in lab
might look like this
The project is funded by anonymous who has contributor a stagring amount of 250,000-euro ($330,000) contribution to turn the dream into reality.

for the record Meat production already takes up more than half of the world's estimated agricultural capacity, in one way or another. U.N. figures show that animal farming takes up 30 percent of the planet's exposed land mass. And over the next 40 years, the demand for meat products is expected to double.

So let's wait and watch when our stomach will be digesting a lab grown meet which has never been a part of any animal .. sounds weird ain't it?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Chief Information Officer's(CIO) Trends

Monday, February 13, 2012

A Time Traveller, caught on tape

This is the first time 'A Time Traveller is caught on tape". The video has become a sensation and is the talk of blogosphere. In case you missed it somehow, just watch it now.

If you have not been able to figure it all out yet. There is a lady/man holding a cell phone and talking. Not amazed yet? The clip is from Charlie Chaplin's  footage on a DVD of the premiere of Charlie Chaplin's The Circus at Graumann's Chinese Theatre in 1928.

No one even know what Cell Phone was in 1928, it was until 1983 that cell phones were invented. The question is "Did this person gone back to the past?" This is not the best part, the question is whom this lad/lady is talking to, another time traveller? well I am just guessing.

To get the full details of who posted this video in YouTube with this revelation. Check the link:
Chaplin Time Traveller

Sunday, February 12, 2012

How Big is this Universe

Ever wonder how big this universe is? Yes, just like a child's answer we can say 'Very Big'. To exactly know where we stand in the universe, Cary Huang has created an ultimate animation; where you can scroll from the tiniest of the things to the mega galaxies and even you can reach till the end of the universe. The Animation is called " The Scale of the Universe".

The Scale Starts from the Human i.e. 100..As you scroll right the things starts zooming in and animation starts showing smaller and smaller things. Each of the part is also explained when it is clicked.

The same scroll bar can also takes you to the Sky, above and beyond galaxies. Each of the part is very well explained.
The range of things that are listed are from  1027 to 10-35. So you can well imagine the beauty you will experience.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Self Chilling Can, Open and Can gets chilled by 30 Degrees

Though the technology was under developement since 1998, and Pepsi spent  more or less 18 years to develop a technology to get a can chilled itself once opened. They were even successful in the technology however due to the refrigerant(CFC) that was used to cool the can was very harmful for the environment. The idea of mas production was dropped

Self Chilling Can
Recently, West Coast Chillers has released a press release of launching a new can in the market that can can cool the drink by 30 degrees lower by just the push of the button.

How are they doing it? and what is the science behind this cooling technology ? all the details are kept as a secret.

The can will be available in the market at the cost of $3, the good thing about these cans are are that they are recyclable. and the can can remain cool by 30 minutes.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Facebook offers IPO of $5 Billion

Facebook has filled IPO (Initial Public Offering) of $5 Billion dollars with the Securities and Exchange commission (SEC). The SEC website went down with the Facebook IPO announcement.
The company is seeking to raise 5 Billion dollars through IPO. The complete IPO document can be seen here.

Facebook a tiny company which started in Feb 2004, has made a big mark now. Given below are some of the Facebook stats in the document for the IPO.
  • Company made 3.7 Billion in revenue in 2011
  • Advertising make 85% of revenue.
  • Net Profit in 2011 : $1Billion
  • Zuckerbergs base salary was $500,000 in 2011 which is more than triple the salary of Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin when Google filed for its IPO.
  • Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg enjoyed a base salary of $300,000 in 2011.
  • Facebook now has 845million active users.
  • Facebook makes 12% of its bottom line income from Zynga games.
  • Zuckerberg set to make 28billion off of Facebook IPO.

Facebook finance 2009-2011
Risk Factors:
  • Increased SmarPhone Users: Google ads are not shown on mobile phones and google makes 85% or its revenue from mobile phones.
  • Competitors: Facebook competitors are Google+, Cyworld in korea, Mixi in Japa, Orkut in India and Brazil and VKontakte in Russia.
  • Mark Xuckerberg is control to much of the Facebook i.e. 58% of the Facebook stock. so any wrong decision on his part could lead the company to disaster.
  • Users fleeing the website: The less user visits the site the less profit FB makes.
  • Design Changing too Much: Users never like changing the desigin of facebook so quickly. and this may result in not liking leaving Facebook.

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