Sunday, February 12, 2012

How Big is this Universe

Ever wonder how big this universe is? Yes, just like a child's answer we can say 'Very Big'. To exactly know where we stand in the universe, Cary Huang has created an ultimate animation; where you can scroll from the tiniest of the things to the mega galaxies and even you can reach till the end of the universe. The Animation is called " The Scale of the Universe".

The Scale Starts from the Human i.e. 100..As you scroll right the things starts zooming in and animation starts showing smaller and smaller things. Each of the part is also explained when it is clicked.

The same scroll bar can also takes you to the Sky, above and beyond galaxies. Each of the part is very well explained.
The range of things that are listed are from  1027 to 10-35. So you can well imagine the beauty you will experience.

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