Monday, October 24, 2011

First Ever 'Logic Gates' made from Bacteria

First Ever 'Logic Gate' made out of Bacteria

Thinking of upgrading your PC or increasing your hard disk space and you are out of money. Take no worries now. As the scientists in imperial college of london have come up with a way of creating the logic gates out of bacteria. Yup! you heard it right. 'Bacteria'.

The scientists constructed a type of logic gate called an “AND Gate” from bacteria called Escherichia coli (E.Coli), which is normally found in the lower intestine. The team altered the E.Coli with modified DNA, which reprogrammed it to perform the same switching on and off process as its electronic equivalent when stimulated by chemicals.

The days are not that far now when you can harvest bacteria at your home to increase your PC's GB by breeding bacteria. The researchers claim that they are the first one to make bacterial logic gates, which can be sorted out to make more complex logic gates and a possibility of creating a biological processor.
E-Coli bacteria used
Researchers belive that not only they could one day be used as part of a PC's processor but may one day be used in the human body to kill the cancer cells and clear our arteries.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Panoramic Ball Camera: Personal CyberShot Panoramic camera

Panoramic Ball Camera: Gives you a 360 Degree view by just throwing a ball

Innovative minds designed a new type of personal camera(cybershot) to take 360 degree panoramic photos and snapshot without moving the camera in 360 degrees. O yes, now you do not need to slide your camera slowly to capture a 360 degree view. This new camera is called 'Panoramic Ball Cam'. A simple but elegant and innovative solution will let you take the full picture of the whole area, which not only covers the side views but a whole globe view.

This simple gadget is equipped with 36 mobile phones cameras and it is designed to be thrown in to the air to capture the 360 degree panoramic photograph. As soon as the ball is thrown into the air, and the ball reaches to its highest point , the Panoramic Ball camera will take photograph using all the 36 on board cameras in the ball.  Providing a true 360 degree view of the environment.The pictures can then be downloaded to your computer and via a simple custom software, all pictures are merged into a single picture. giving a true panoramic view.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steve Jobs died a day after the launch of new iPhone 4s

Steve Jobs died just a day after the launch of the Apples new iPhone 4s.

(May his soul rest in peace)- we all will remember you for the efforts you made and they way you revolutionize the world with new technology.

The former founder of Apple, Steve Jobs passed away at the age of 56, he left behind a wife and 2 children and 1 daughter from his previous relationship. He was diagnosed with a pancreatic cancer late in 2004, but he was recovered from the pancreatic cancer. He than again took a medical leave in January 2011.
In a family statement made out to press, they said 'Jobs died peacefully'

He was a visionary and he changed the whole thinking strategy of people about the technology and brought a great change and revolution in technology.

One of his very well known speeches he made in Standford University is worth listening

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

iPhone 4s(iOS 5)- New Features

iPhone - 5  iPhone -4s - New Features (now official)

The new iPhone is not iPhone 5 but will be called iPhone-4s. Having Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO, the responsibility will be on the shoulders of the new CEO Tim Cook. Lets see if he will be able to move some heads with today's presentation.
Features for the new iPhone and the iOS5 are listed as was described in the press conference

The new handset looks the same as the iPhone 4 but contains considerable upgrades to its components.
The iPhone 4S runs on the same A5 processor that powers the iPad 2 and has an improved camera. It offers 8-megapixels, compared with the iPhone 4's 5-megapixels and, Apple says, will deliver sharper pictures with better colours.

iPhone - 4s
Tim Cook
  1. iPhone will be releases on 14th of October in US, UK, Canada, Australia, France, Germany, Japan.
  2. Prince : $199 16GB, $299 32GB, $399 64GB
  3. A5 Chip(1 GHz dual-core) same as that of iPAD 2
  4. 2 time faster
  5. 7 times better graphics
  6. Battery life: '8hours talk time on 3G' - '14hours 2G talk time'- '9hours WIFI browsing
  7. Camera: 8 Mega Pixel , takes pictures faster (compared to HTC Sensation takes 2.1s to take the first, 1.3 to get the second; iPhone 4S is 1.1 and 0.5s. )
  8. Video: HD(1080p) video recording
  9. Works on both GSM and CDMA
  10. Siri Feature: (A voice activated assistant)A sound recognizer which can search the Internet. e.g what is the weather today and iPhone will search the Internet and voice back the answer. Also if you want to set an alarm for 5pm, you just need to say' SET A 5pm Alarm'.
iOS 5
  1. iOS 5 will be available on October 12, 2011
  2. iTunes will be available in the Cloud: Users will be able to share their songs, data and  among, MAC, iPhone, iPad and iPod. Users can sync the data among various devices just like DropBox.
  3. New App: 'Find my Friend': Shows you where is your family on the map, you can even see if your son went to school today and where was he at 12am.

Over All the release for the iPhone 4s is not that impressive and is not able to nod some heads. Lets see how the sales go and they might prove us wrong.

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