Monday, October 17, 2011

Panoramic Ball Camera: Personal CyberShot Panoramic camera

Panoramic Ball Camera: Gives you a 360 Degree view by just throwing a ball

Innovative minds designed a new type of personal camera(cybershot) to take 360 degree panoramic photos and snapshot without moving the camera in 360 degrees. O yes, now you do not need to slide your camera slowly to capture a 360 degree view. This new camera is called 'Panoramic Ball Cam'. A simple but elegant and innovative solution will let you take the full picture of the whole area, which not only covers the side views but a whole globe view.

This simple gadget is equipped with 36 mobile phones cameras and it is designed to be thrown in to the air to capture the 360 degree panoramic photograph. As soon as the ball is thrown into the air, and the ball reaches to its highest point , the Panoramic Ball camera will take photograph using all the 36 on board cameras in the ball.  Providing a true 360 degree view of the environment.The pictures can then be downloaded to your computer and via a simple custom software, all pictures are merged into a single picture. giving a true panoramic view.


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