Wednesday, April 25, 2012

World's Internet will Shut Down on July 9

Yes this is no Joke. FBI issued a warning of a trojan that has infected millions of computers around the world.

Hackers have created a Trojan/virus, which will install itself on the computer and stays there just like until July 9. The Trojan virus is set to time bombed itself on July 9th. Thus Trojan will deflect all the Internet traffic to hacker's infected servers whereby blocking the access of the Internet.

Click here to see the location of the machines that will be most effected on July 9.

How July 9 Trojan Virus Works:

There's a reason why those machines will have difficulty accessing sites on the Internet. DNS, or Domain Name Services, is what gives Internet users access to websites by simply typing the name - like - instead of an IP address. DNS translates the name of the website to the actual IP address where the site lives. For most users, these requests are handled by servers at their ISP, or Internet Service Provider.
The DNS Changer malware, however, will redirect those queries to a server set up by the trojan’s creators, effectively hijacking all Internet traffic from the computer. This let the criminals send users to websites filled with ads allowing them to pocket millions of dollars from the traffic.

How to Check if Your Computer is Affected on July 9:

If the computer is clean, the page will present a 'Green' graphic indicating the computer appears to be routing addresses correctly.
If a 'Red' graphic is displayed, that means the computer is infected.  

How to Remove the Trojan/Virus

Go to  DNS Changer Working Group website and use any one of the links there to clean the malware off the computer.
With great technology comes great threats.

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