Thursday, April 5, 2012

Google's Project Glass -A revolution in Augmented Reality

Imagine augmented reality tied up with your glasses, rather Smart glasses we should say as it will work just like your smart-phone, and will have most of the Google apps like Google Maps, Google voice search, navigation, weather update and any other app that may be created in the future.

Though Project Glass is an ambitious project that is being launched by a team of Google secret development team who work on new technologies, called Google[x].

The project focuses on developing a technology where a person can see the augmented reality embedded in the wearable glasses. The user will be able to issue commands while seeing anything, get information about any places from within the display of the glasses and at the same time see the outside world. Make calls via dialing through voice app and even send and receive and can see a text message on the go.

The glasses seems to run a kind of  Google's Android operating system which is voice-controlled and view controlled. A small bar with icons is displayed just above the glasses, which user can activate by looking up, the wearer can interact with the icons to view the weather, send text messages, and do much of what a smart phone can do.
The team has also create a Google Plus page named Project Glass where anyone can propose suggestion and follow up on the new updates.

The teaser video can be seen in the embedded video below, where a few uses are presented as explained above. 

We have already covered a kind of similar augmented reality gadget/technology which is underdeveloped name : The Sixth Sense.

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