Sunday, August 11, 2013

Your Gateway to Blocked Content - The Pirate Browser

Countries like United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, North Korea, Denmark, Italy, Iran, Pakistan and Ireland has always been imposing ban to keep their citizens deprived from certain web content. 

One of the  renowned and controversial  P2P website "The Pirate Bay", whose owners has already been facing many court cases on copyright infringements; has now launched a new web browser "The Pirate browser".

The Browser is typically targeted to unblock the content that certain countries do not allow its citizens to access. The Pirate browser does not make you anonymous but it has customized proxy settings that let users get around those blocks.

Worth mentioning fact is that the Pirate browser is launched on the 10th birthday of "The Pirate Bay" definitely a gift to its users.

Do you know any people who can't access TPB or other torrents-sites because they are blocked? Recommend PirateBrowser to them. It's a simple one-click browser that circumvents censorship and blockades and makes the site instantly available and accessible. No bundled ad-ware, toolbars or other crap, just a Pre-configured Firefox browser.
A nice present to TPB and our users on this day, out 10yr birthday!

Download Link of the browser - Click Here

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