Friday, January 20, 2012

Nike+ Fuel Band : For Fitness Enthusiast

Every fitness enthusiast wants to measure and keep track of how much calories he has burn and wants to set a mark for improvement. Nike has introduced a new gadget to keep track of all activities. Its simple yet effective and above all can become a fashion statement. A wrist band and marketed with the name of 'Nike+ Fuel Band'.
Nike + Fuel Band
The interesting thing about fuel band is that it do not count the steps or ticks of miles rather it uses "oxygen kinetics to measure the amount of oxygen you are using and convert it into Nike fuel.

The more activity you will do in a day the more Nike fuel you are goning earn. The fuel band has an accelerometer, LED lights to display the progress in terms of Nike fuel, and has a hidden USB port. It can also be connected with the iPhone via Bluetooth and to a Nike+ web application.

The gadget can last four days in a single charge.It will cost around $150 and is ready to be shipped by February 22nd. For the full specs . For Detailed Specifications of the band click Technical Specs.
Nike +

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