Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Self Healing iPhone Case- your phone will never get a scratch for life

Nissan who earlier announced a high tech scratch less paint, which gets healed and repair itself quickly if the car gets a scratch. with such a great product and idea, Nissan was not able to make a mark as far as finances are concerned. They dropped the marketing campaign for the product after not getting a positive response from the market from sales perspective.

Now again back with a bang, Nissan announced that they will soon be shipping the iPhone cases, and bases on their paints, the iPhone cases will heal itself if they get a scratch.
Nissan's New Scratch less Paint 
Company says that currently they are doing some trial runs on prototype iPhone cases. Not more than it takes only an hour that it takes to heal a small scratch; and a month in case the scratches are much deeper.

Some thing about the paint now- The paint is actually made from polyrotaxane, it can actually mend itself by changing back into its original form by filling the gaps i.e. scratches.

The pain has a gel like surface which will give users a better grip. This is the first time a motor giant will be putting its hands in the mobile market.

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