Monday, October 24, 2011

First Ever 'Logic Gates' made from Bacteria

First Ever 'Logic Gate' made out of Bacteria

Thinking of upgrading your PC or increasing your hard disk space and you are out of money. Take no worries now. As the scientists in imperial college of london have come up with a way of creating the logic gates out of bacteria. Yup! you heard it right. 'Bacteria'.

The scientists constructed a type of logic gate called an “AND Gate” from bacteria called Escherichia coli (E.Coli), which is normally found in the lower intestine. The team altered the E.Coli with modified DNA, which reprogrammed it to perform the same switching on and off process as its electronic equivalent when stimulated by chemicals.

The days are not that far now when you can harvest bacteria at your home to increase your PC's GB by breeding bacteria. The researchers claim that they are the first one to make bacterial logic gates, which can be sorted out to make more complex logic gates and a possibility of creating a biological processor.
E-Coli bacteria used
Researchers belive that not only they could one day be used as part of a PC's processor but may one day be used in the human body to kill the cancer cells and clear our arteries.


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