Monday, February 6, 2012

Self Chilling Can, Open and Can gets chilled by 30 Degrees

Though the technology was under developement since 1998, and Pepsi spent  more or less 18 years to develop a technology to get a can chilled itself once opened. They were even successful in the technology however due to the refrigerant(CFC) that was used to cool the can was very harmful for the environment. The idea of mas production was dropped

Self Chilling Can
Recently, West Coast Chillers has released a press release of launching a new can in the market that can can cool the drink by 30 degrees lower by just the push of the button.

How are they doing it? and what is the science behind this cooling technology ? all the details are kept as a secret.

The can will be available in the market at the cost of $3, the good thing about these cans are are that they are recyclable. and the can can remain cool by 30 minutes.

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