Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Google's New Office in London

Innovative minds needs motivation and what best for a Google employee would be; when his own office environment is his best motivation.

Google has recently opened up a new Office in London. No need to explain further. Pictures will say it all

This morning in the Google house: One of the ultra trendy meeting rooms in the London office

And relax: A Google worker hoping for inspiration

Designed to inspire: Cushions are all-important at Google

Playtime: Google workers are treated to a pool table and games consoles

Central Perk, Google-style: The Coffee Lab serves 19 blends

It's an office, but not as we know it: Google's corridors look very futuristic

Presentation suite: For bigger team talks bosses can use this state-of-the-art suite

Chill a minute: The office is designed to be completely stress free

Music to their ears: Workers can always tune out with a pair of headphones if they're being distracted

Bizarre: Unconventional seating is a must at Google

Creative space: Workers can even write ideas down on white boards in the corridors

One of the many relaxation areas in L4

Big draw: A picture of a spaceship from Star Wars adorns one of the meeting-room walls

One hull of an office: The resident rowing boat

There's no diary room, but L4 does have futuristic meeting pods

May the force be with them: Programmers are encouraged to play with toys

Perhaps Google Googled 'trendy office' for inspiration

The next Google Doodle?

All white on the night: There aren't many dark corners at Google

L4 is paradise for creative thinkers

Net gain: Hi-tech video conferencing is a cinch at L4

Not a speck of dust in sight: Two workers admire their new super-clean office environment

Global headquarters: The Googleplex headquarters in San Francisco is also quirky

Google Front Desk

Relax and Think


Office Area


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