Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Airless Tyre : That Never Inflates

Air less tires also known as Non-pneumatic tires(NPT) are tires that do not use air and are not supported by air pressure.
Airless tires generally have higher rolling friction and provide much less suspension than similarly shaped and sized pneumatic tires.
Air less Tyre parts

With the advancement in science, they tires have been modified enough that they can now be used in sports cars and domestic cars. Imagine you never need to stop at the gas station to check the car Tyre air pressure.

The technology continuously  improving .and they tires have taken much more modern and cool shape


Yes now this the age of modern technologies. There are many technologies to help us. Like a tire inflation is a easy task by the grace of technology. We use compressed air tire inflator to pump up our car tires. We can also carry them because they some of them are portable. Best Air Compressor

Wider tyres are only helpful when you drive a high-performance vehicle and take on corners at high speeds. It also offers better braking distances as compared to a regular one. Mobile Tyre Fitting Droylsden

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