Sunday, December 18, 2011

Do Grocery Shopping Virtually

People working for multinational companies have to spend 8 hours and some times more than eight hours of the important day time within office. With such a tight routine how could Bigg shopping malls will be able to make money through their customers in those daylight 8-9 hours. also it is cumbersome for the customers to get time out of their busy schedule.

To create a Win-Win situation for both the customer and Shopping Malls. Tesco shopping malls have come up with a unique way of attracting customers. whole of the shopping malls shopping catalogue list is posted on walls of the bus stops and train's subway stops. Each of the item is marked with a unique QR code.

 The customer will just have to point their phone camera QR application  to the item. All the relevant information will be displayed regarding the product and once the customer agreed to buy the item. The bought item will be delivered through courier within the evening time.

This kind of shopping mall is a huge success, and more that 10000 users have already taken advantage of this virtual store.


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