Friday, November 6, 2009

Space Hotel Reportedly On Track for 2012 Opening, Already Has Paying Guests

Space Hotel Reportedly On Track for 2012 Opening:

A company aiming to open the first space hotel already has 43 paying customers at $4.4 million a pop

Anyone with a cool $4 million and change might consider doing what 43 other people have done, and sign up for an orbital space vacation in 2012 with Galactic Suite Space Resort. The Barcelona-based company plans to open the first space hotel if all goes according to plan.

Space customers would spend three nights in their orbital pod room, where they could crawl around like Spiderman (or Venom) in Velcro suits. 'Reuters' reports that guests would also enjoy an eight-week training course set on a tropical island.

The price tag falls far below the $35 million paid by first repeat space tourist Charles Simonyi, or the same higher amount required to book an orbital vacation aboard a surplus Soviet-era military spacecraft.


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