Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Space Hotel by Russia in 2016

Russian's are eyeing on building a space station which will serve as a hotel. This will be the first ever space hotel.
The official name of the hotel is Commercial Space Station. The Hotel will be orbiting the earth at 350km height above earth. It can accommodate 7 guests where they can live in four cabins. A special window is designed with each cabin to enjoy breath taking views.

The company Orbit Technologies who is initiating this project us trying to commercialize human spaceflight platforms in low Earth orbit.

Passengers can perform multiple function at the Commercial Space station and can even use the station as an alternate to ISS(International Space Station) for research purpose, where they will be facilitation with:
  • Enabling space-based micro gravity research 
  • Providing a destination for commercial human spaceflight, space tourism, and state sponsored human spaceflight programs
  • Acting as a backup and emergency safe haven for the International Space Station and its crew
  • Enabling product development 
  • Facilitating satellite servicing and maintenance
  • Providing a staging outpost for human space flight missions beyond low Еarth orbit
  • Supplying a uniquely capable remote sensing 

Passengers will be taken to this space station via a Russian Soyuz rocket. Guests can enjoy watching TV and even surf the internet. Horizontal and vertical sleeping beds are also another attraction.
Toilets will use flowing air to move waste through the system and waste water will be recycled and filtered along with the air. Food prepared on earth will be freeze dried before being carried to the hotel. Also alcohol will be strictly prohibited


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