Friday, November 4, 2011

Worlds Most Expensive IPad (dinosaurs bones + gold) Costs 5 million pounds

A customized iPad made from gold, diamonds and shavings of Tyrannosaurus rex bone(a dinosaur type) has been billed as the world's most expensive gadget.

The £5m device is being promoted by British luxury goods specialist Stuart Hughes.

The iPad 2 is encrusted with 12.5-carat diamonds and has 53 separate gems forming the iconic Apple logo.

The back section has been formed in 24-carat gold and weighs two kilogrammes.

But the most expensive part is actually the main front frame which is made from the oldest rock the world has to offer - Ammolite.

Sourced from Canada, the stone is more than 75 million years old.

Just to cap off the unique design, part of a T-rex thigh bone dating back 65 million years is claimed to have been shaved into the stone.

The final touch is a single-cut 8.5-carat flawless diamond inlaid in platinum surrounded by 12 satellite gems.

Despite the hefty price tag, Hughes told Sky News one of the devices has already been sold to an anonymous buyer.

He claims they were actually finished earlier this year and says the dinosaur bone was sourced from Arizona.

The designer is known for creating "ultra-luxury" goods, including a £219,995 Macbook Air and a diamond and platinum iPhone costing £20,995.

It was claimed earlier this year he had built a super yacht encased in gold worth £3bn but he has since admitted this was not real.


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