Friday, September 23, 2011

Watch Out: NASA Satellite Falling Tonight on Earth

Watch Your Heads, NASA Satellite is going to fall today- Friday 23, Sept 2011

A satellite is falling down on earth as the fuel for the satellite has ended months ago. The falling satellite is speeding towards earth with the speed of 18,000mph(28 968.192 km/h). The satellite could fall anywhere excluding North America

The satellite is almost the size of a bus, and will break up due to air resistance upon entering Earth atmosphere. Huge chunks(around 26 pieces) of the metal may weight up to 350lb(350kg) and will all across hundred of miles. Please see the blow picture for the best guess where the satellite pars could land.
Satellite parts could land any where in between the lines.
NASA said it will only know two hours before impact where it will land – and even that prediction will only be accurate to the nearest 6,000 miles. It could be anywhere between the 57th parallel north, which crosses Britain, and the 57th parallel south, which passes just below South America.

An amateur photographer has taken the picture of the satellite


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